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Photography by Bill Lee

Here are some pictures I’ve captured of our 2019 West Seattle Titans.

Browse the pictures by clicking, tapping, or swiping. I’ll be adding and reoganizing pictures as I have time.

  • Clicking a player’s name will show just his pictures from the collection
  • Show all” to see the whole collection
  • Select a picture to see it, big. You can peruse the pictures by swiping back and forth

I would like to know what you think of these and which are your favorites, so please write and let me know … and enjoy!


1530 Steven Bacon, Miles "Mighty"
1537 Miles "Mighty"
1541 Ben "Kobe"
1551 Miles "Mighty"
1553 Miles "Mighty"
1557 Miles "Mighty"
1558 Dominik, Miles "Mighty", Maricio "Mau"
1559 Harrison
1565 Miles "Mighty"
1568 Miles "Mighty"
1569 Miles "Mighty"
1572 Miles "Mighty"
1573 Miles "Mighty"
1583 Alex Schreck, Ben "Kobe"
1584 Alex Schreck, Ben "Kobe"
1586 Alex Schreck, Ben "Kobe"
1591 Martino, Ethan "E-Dog", Dominik, Alex Schreck, Ben "Kobe", Gary
1597 Steven Bacon
1602 Steven Bacon
1603 Steven Bacon