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The Children of the Philippines

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On my last afternoon in the Philippines, my attention was caught by some jeepnieyses off the side of the road (as I wrote about in my last post). As I stopped to take pictures, kids came out of no where, surrounding me and, with no discernible English, wanted me to take their pictures. One thing…

Jeepneys of the Philippines

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It was my last day in the Philippines, this past January. Since my flight was to leave at 6am, I stayed in Manila the night before. I had the afternoon to waste and the hotel directed me somewhere and recommended I take a taxi. On the map, it didn’t look very far, so I grabbed…

Detour to Crater Lake, Oregon: Winter Trees

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Winter is a great time to tool around. It is quiet; meaning no people, no crowds. I was finally on my way to Crater Lake (Oregon), on my drive back home from Klamath Falls (I’ve passed by twice before; last year I was almost stranded in snow at the closed north entrance). Crater Lake is…

Model Shoot: Gabby Inscoe

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Klamath Falls, Oregon — It was cold; I had a jacket on and it was cold. There were patches of snow, here and there that didn’t appear to be melting anytime soon. Though it was clear and sunny, the constant strong-breeze kept the bite sharp. And it was in those wintery conditions that Gabby volunteered…

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