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Fill ’er up

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I’ve been getting into car-culture, lately.  Well, you know, most of these machines still take old dinosaurs to keep them running. So when we stopped by an old station that was still selling gallons, less than 18¢ per, we had to fill up.  There was a cutie manning the pump, so I couldn’t resist the fill-up.…

The Children of the Philippines

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On my last afternoon in the Philippines, my attention was caught by some jeepnieyses off the side of the road (as I wrote about in my last post). As I stopped to take pictures, kids came out of no where, surrounding me and, with no discernible English, wanted me to take their pictures. One thing…

Jeepneys of the Philippines

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It was my last day in the Philippines, this past January. Since my flight was to leave at 6am, I stayed in Manila the night before. I had the afternoon to waste and the hotel directed me somewhere and recommended I take a taxi. On the map, it didn’t look very far, so I grabbed…

Detour to Crater Lake, Oregon: Winter Trees

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Winter is a great time to tool around. It is quiet; meaning no people, no crowds. I was finally on my way to Crater Lake (Oregon), on my drive back home from Klamath Falls (I’ve passed by twice before; last year I was almost stranded in snow at the closed north entrance). Crater Lake is…

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