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Model Shoot: Gabby Inscoe

Model-shoot: Gabby InscoeKlamath Falls, Oregon — It was cold; I had a jacket on and it was cold. There were patches of snow, here and there that didn’t appear to be melting anytime soon. Though it was clear and sunny, the constant strong-breeze kept the bite sharp. And it was in those wintery conditions that Gabby volunteered to for a photo-shoot—in here dainty stylized ballet/tutu thing; mostly bare legs arms and back. My jacket wasn’t enough to keep me warm, but Gabby’s youth kept her warm …initially.

I was tagging along with my good friend Michelle Cuello (about whom, I need to write a separate post about) on her photo-shoot of Gabby Inscoe (18yo), a budding photographer in her own right. Did I mention it was cold, up in the hills, just north of town? The cold finally worked its way to Gabby’s bones and she couldn’t pose anymore without goosebumps. Making her way back to the car, she didn’t need to act the misery that she’d been enduring. What an enthusiastic trooper she was!

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